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Welcome Mystery Kids!
If you love strange, unexplained and weird but true stories this is the place for you!

My name is Tess and I’ve been a Mystery Kid since forever!
My oldest son Porter is 7 and obsessed with the strange but we couldn’t find appropriate podcasts that went into the weird. So I decided to make one for all the kids of the world who love a good mystery! (I’m still a kid at heart!)

I want to create a community where children can use their imagination. Learn more about history and strange facts. Not be too scary and spooky that kids can’t handle it. Also have adults love it too!

I was a third and fourth grade teacher and saw that children gravitated to the unknown. There is not enough for kids to learn and explore, time for us to make our own podcast!

Welcome and get ready to become a Mystery Kid! 🌍 🔎

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Tess O'Driscoll could not find the right podcast for her five year old. Porter loves the strange and weird stories that are true. True to Tess' teacher heart she decided to create a podcast!

Our whole family has loved the strange stories and we love that we get to share them with others!

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